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DJ Hire Bristol is a Mobile Disco and DJ company in

Experience makes a huge difference when it comes to being a Wedding DJ. You need to able to deal with many things at once, keeping your cool along the way. You might be helping the photographer organise the guests for the first dance whilst the Co-ordinator is checking-in with you regarding timings, meanwhile a guest is asking what sort of music you’ll be playing that evening, and will they like it! In short, a DJ needs to be approachable, reliable but above all calm and in control.

I first started DJing by playing music at Weddings for my friends and family. Because I knew who I was playing for and the guests that would be there I could tailor my set list accordingly and progress through different genres, building the party as the evening went on. Naturally when I started DJ Hire Bristol I wanted to create the same atmosphere for people I didn’t already know. Achieving that was going to require investing time in order to understand a couples vision for their special day.
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A successful party requires planning, organisation and flexibility. Ideally little of that would be overly obvious to the guests in order to keep the mood both fun and relaxed.

With that in mind, planning out the evening can be broken down into the following three sections:

1. Set the scene

Whilst you might think that it’s the music that’s a DJs main concern, lighting and location of the DJ booth itself is also key to a successful night. You could play one of the biggest floor fillers around but if the room is too brightly lit or not laid out very well people will be put off from heading to the dance floor.

2. Bring everyone together

When you’ve created the perfect atmosphere for dancing the next thing you need to do is get everyone onto on the dance floor. Initially this takes observation – what guests are present, what music would they like and who might be out of sight, but not out of earshot of the music. It’s not unknown to have a group of people come rushing in from a separate bar area to dance to a song you’ve put on!

3. Dance the night away

So now that you have the room filled with people dancing and a really good atmosphere is building you might think that the DJ can sit back, relax and stick to their tried and tested playlist until its time to finish up for the night. However its doing just this that will bore people and leave them wanting a change of tempo or genre. You need to keep doing the things that made the dance floor popular in the first place. Looking, thinking of different music options depending on what happens and listening to requests.

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